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The SafeStuff Guarantee was created to cover any item that is made available to rent by Owners through Rnters' platform. There are some exceptions, like those identified in the following list, that are not covered by the SafeStuff Guarantee:
• Cars, motorcycles, all vehicles that require a driving license and any motor vehicle;
• Real estate;
• Chemicals, liquids or any consumable item;
• Any item that is prohibited to rent at Rnters (Terms Of Service).
If you are not sure the item is covered by the SafeStuff Guarantee, ask our support chat or email us at info@rnters.com.
In order to be eligible to use the SafeStuff Guarantee you need to respond positively to the following statements:
• I have not been accused of, or incriminated with, any misdemeanor or felony (excluding driving offences) in the last 5 years;
• I have no criminal record;
• I have never been subject to enforcement of payment obligations;
• I am not in a state of insolvency;
• I have never had insurance canceled, refused or rejected or had special terms imposed;
• I have not claimed any insurance more than two times during the last 5 years.
You are responsible for:
• Photographing and/or filming the item before delivering it to the Rnter. These photos must include a day and time record so we recommend that you use a mobile phone where this record is automatically encrypted in all the photographs.
• If the item has an essential function for its proper usage, you will have to film it working. Example: If it is a drone, film it flying. If it's a kitchen robot, film it working with the sound turned on. This way, even if there is no visible external damage, and the item stops working/gets damaged during the rental, you have evidence that it was working perfectly immediately before the rental.
• If your item is returned damaged or if it is not returned at all, you must inform us within 24 hours after the end of the rental.
In order to activate the SafeStuff Guarantee, you need to complete all of the following steps:
1. Report the incident to Rnters within a maximum period of 24 hours after the end date of the rental period (through the support chat or at info@rnters.com).
2. Contact and try to find a solution directly with the Rnter. The Rnter, being fully responsible for any damage caused to the item during the rental period, has on its best interest solving the problem directly with the Rnter - repairing the item, replacing it or refunding a fair value.
3. In the event that you can't reach an agreement, or if you prefer not to communicate with Rnter at all, please inform us so we can take control of the situation. We will always ask you to provide us the images or video of the item working properly before the beginning of the rental, as well as the images or video of the item received damaged.
4. In the case that the Rnter claims that he is not responsible for the damage inflicted to the item or that it is uncertain that he might be liable for the existent damage, we reserve the right to require an assessment / diagnosis of the damage with a third party of our confidence. In any case, as soon as we confirm that the damage was inflicted by the Rnter during the rental period, (instead of a technical breakdown or previous damage) we will immediately proceed with the payment.
5. If the item has no possible repair, we will send a replacement item as fast as possible.
It is truly important for us that you feel comfortable and secure renting your items on Rnters, hence we do everything to protect the Owner and his rented item.
We will remain focused on making this process as efficient possible and with minimum inconvenience for all Owners.
No, the SafeStuff Guarantee is exclusively for Owners. The Rnter is welcome and incentivized to use his own insurance from a third-party insurance company.
As a Rnter, you are fully responsible for any damage caused to the item during the rental period. This means that it is your responsibility to have the capital needed to replace the item if the worst case scenario occurs and the item gets lost or totally destroyed.
If you damage the item, you are also responsible for paying the repairment cost. When renting any item, the Rnter needs to make sure he has the capital available to solve any of these eventualities.
In essence, the Rnter is entirely (and solely) responsible for the item for the time it is in his possession. This way, if the article is stolen, broken, lost or apprehended during the rental period, the Rnter is the sole responsible for incurring with all and any costs while solving the present situation.
All items on Rnters are covered by the SafeStuff Guarantee up to the value of the same in the second hand market at the time of rental. The SafeStuff Guarantee has a maximum value of € 1,500.
If you wish to monetize a product worth more than € 1,500 in the second-hand market, reach us at info@rnters.com so we can assess the possibility of extending the value of the Guarantee.
Unfortunately, the SafeStuff Guarantee does not cover loss of profit or utility under any circumstance. This means that if you have a rental or a job that you can not complete by having the article in the process of repair or replacement, we will not be able to reimburse you for these loss of profit or costs incurred.
What we can and promise to do is to always deal with the situation as fast as possible and to be available 24/7 through personal dedicated customer support.
No, the SafeStuff Guarantee does not cover civil liability.
What does this mean?
Rnters Guarantee does not cover any injury or damage to any person or property as a result of the usage or any malfunction of a rented item. Furthermore, it also does not cover any costs that this usage or malfunction may lead to incur; including and not limited to legal costs, medical expenses, loss of profit or utility of third parties, replacement or repair of damaged property.
No. You will not have to pay any excess when activating the SafeStuff Guarantee.


Rnters is a platform for renting all kinds of goods. Here you can monetize your unused items in your day-to-day life or rent items for a fraction of the price of the purchase.
An Rnter is someone who rents an article that belongs to someone else. This way you avoid spending as much money as if you were buying the item.
An Owner is someone who rents your articles to other people for a price and for a limited period of time.
Yes! We hope that everyone can withdraw value from the platform in the role of Rnter and Owner, using the same profile.
Confirmation email may take a few minutes to arrive. If you do not see it in the main box it may be in the secondary mail folder or spam/junk.
Reviews are a way to get feedback on the experiences that users have with each other. In this way the best users are rewarded and the worst penalized. The assessment consists of written testimony and a one to five star rating.
Rnters charges 20% on every transaction.
It must be Rnter starting the contact. If I have not done so, nothing prevents the Owner from starting the conversations.
Yes. The address will not be shared until the reservation is paid and is only used to give an approximate location of the article when a search is made. No need to detail floor number or door. Example: Avenida da Liberdade, 22 Lisboa.
If you want to cancel a rental you have to contact the Rnters team through the email and take into account the following scenarios:

  1. If you are a Rnter and want to cancel the rental for more than 24 hours you will be entitled to a refund of 80% of the total amount already paid. If you wish to cancel less than 24 hours or do not appear at the place and time previously agreed with the Owner, you will not be entitled to a refund. Rnters reserves the right to cover administrative costs and damages caused to the Owner.
  2. If you are an Owner and want to cancel the rental for more than 24 hours, Rnter will receive a full refund and the Owner will be indebted to Rnters for the administrative costs involved. If in turn you wish to cancel the rental less than 24 hours, Rnter will receive a full refund and the Owner will be indebted to Rnters of the total commission amount to receive from this rental. Owners must be responsible for managing the availability of their articles.