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As a Rnter you'll rent item from other members of our community for a limited period of time with safety and comfort. This way you avoid spending as much money as if you were buying the item.

Payment safe The Renter uses the platform services commission free
Safe Your payment is kept safe until the rental period is over


As an Owner you'll rent your items, with safety and comfort, to other people for a price and for a limited period of time. Make sure you check other items prices & take compeling pictures to maximize your chances of having your items rented.

Shield The Owner is safeguarded from damages to his items
Percentage We keep a 20% commission on all transactions to ensure the best service


Matilde teixeira

Matilde is going on vacations with her friends, being a photography enthusiast she would love to capture every moment of her trip. After hearing about Rnters, she's now ready to try the platform.

Rita teixeira

Rita has a GoPro, but unfortunately she's not finding much time to use it, instead of leaving it on the shelf she found at Rnters the perfect platform to make money with it. Rita has been renting her camera once a month since.

List your item

After describing the item and uploading pictures, Rita created her camera's free listing with just a few clicks.


Matilde started by searching 'GoPro' on the platform.


After confirming the item's availability, Matilde booked the GoPro for a fraction of its retail price.

Booking received!

After accepting a check availability request, Rita's item was booked for the duration of Matilde's vacation. Both Rita and Matilde's contacts are now available.


Matilde contacted Rita and scheduled a meet up. When they met, Matilde gave Rita her PIN code for Rita's GoPro.


After trading her GoPro for Matilde's PIN code, Rita inserted the code in the platform and the rental officially begun.


Matilde and her friends enjoyed an incredible time with Rita's GoPro! 🎉


At the end of the rental, Matilde met with Rita again to give back the GoPro. This time, after checking the item's condition, it's Rita's turn to give Matilde her PIN code, which Matilde inserted on the platform.


After meeting Matilde and verifying the camera's condition, Rita gave Matilde her PIN code to end the rental period.

Get your money

After the second code is inserted, Rita will have the money transferred to its account!

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