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Monetize everything!

Owners are the users who monetizes on their items. As an owner you'll be able to profit from your goods with safety and comfort. Make sure you check other items prices & take compeling pictures to maximize your chances of having your items rented.

Francisco barosa
"O Josh chegou para fazer Erasmus e alugou uma prancha para aproveitar as nossas ondas!"
Francisco is renting his Prancha de surf
Jorge redondo
"Não imaginava que podia lucrar tanto com segurança artigos que não utilizo todos os dias."
Jorge is renting his GoPro


Monthly increase on your income!

According to JP Morgan you can up your monthly income by 15% by using sharing economy platforms.

Either it's a camera, videogames or even tools, we all have things at our places we never use. New times are coming, it's time we start profiting from these investments.

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20% commission to Rnters


In order to provide a safe platform where you can earn money from your rentals we charge 20% commission on every transaction.


We validate everybody!


One of our key security features is the ability to validate every new user on our platform. We request, among others, phone number, citizen card number & tax id.


Feel free to contact us 24/7


We are here for you, 24/7. If anything happens with your products or during a rental you can count with our operations managers to handle the situation for you.

Guarantee white

Alugar as tuas coisas nunca foi tão seguro!

Fica a conhecer a nossa garantia SafeStuff!

O nosso maior foco na Rnters é garantir que a nossa comunidade é um local seguro para alugar qualquer artigo.

Para isso, temos em vigor esta garantia que protege todos os artigos existentes na Rnters. Caso o teu artigo tenha algum problema no decorrer de um aluguer, estarás sempre coberto pela nossa garantia até 1.500€.

Hoplite Garantia até 1.500€
003 online shop Todos os teus artigos
24 hours Disponibilidade 24/7

People have been looking for camping gear & smartphones.

Start today!

Be part of tomorrow, today.

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