Let's rent stuff!


Own nothing, own everything!

As a Rnter you'll be able to search and rent items from other peers with safety and comfort. Either it's a power drill to fix something around your place or a bicycle to get to know our amazing city of Lisbon, you'll find everything here.

Payment safe

It's free

O Renter aluga a plataforma livre de comissão.



Tem direito à devolução do seu dinheiro caso o aluguer não aconteça.


You're safe

O pagamento é mantido seguro por nós até ao fim da transação.


Cheaper than buying!

According to our data, renting an item is at least 90% cheaper than buying the same item in retail. Meaning, you would have to use it 10x to make it worth.

Either it's something you've always wanted to try - like a drone or the latest videogame, or something you only need to use once - like a drill, Rnters provides the perfect platform for the sharing economy experience.

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Couldn't find what you're looking for?

We'll manage to find you everything in 24 hours or less.


What do I need to do before and after renting?

You are responsible for:

Photographing and/or filming the item before delivering it to the Rnter. These photos must include a day and time record so we recommend that you use a mobile phone where this record is automatically encrypted in all the photographs.

If the item has an essential function for its proper usage, you will have to film it working. Example: If it is a drone, film it flying. If it's a kitchen robot, film it working with the sound turned on. This way, even if there is no visible external damage, and the item stops working/gets damaged during the rental, you have evidence that it was working perfectly immediately before the rental.

If your item is returned damaged or if it is not returned at all, you must inform us within 24 hours after the end of the rental.

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Start today!

Be part of tomorrow, today.

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