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SafeStuff Guarantee

This guarantee is destined to Owners and automatically covers all items available on Rnters.


Guarantee up to €1.500

To protect you in the most dificult situation - loss, theft or damage.
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Covers all items

An automatic guarantee that covers all items in every rental.
24 hours

Support 24/7

You can rely on our support every day, any time.

Our main goal at Rnters is to build a community where it is safe to rent and profit from any item.
Therefore, we offer the SafeStuff Guarantee on every rental that protects you in the rare situations in which your product is lost, stolen or damaged.

When you rent at Rnters, all products are covered by our guarantee up to € 1,500 and our support is available 24/7 to help you in any situation.


If you have a commercial (or any valid) insurance in place, you are required to activate it before proceeding to activate the SafeStuff Guarantee. In case your insurance does not cover the damage inflicted or rejects the activation request, you can always activate the SafeStuff Guarantee.


In order to be eligible to use the SafeStuff Guarantee you need to respond positively to the following statements:
• I have not been accused of, or incriminated with, any misdemeanor or felony (excluding driving offences) in the last 5 years;
• I have no criminal record;
• I have never been subject to enforcement of payment obligations;
• I am not in a state of insolvency;
• I have never had insurance canceled, refused or rejected or had special terms imposed;
• I have not claimed any insurance more than two times during the last 5 years.


You are responsible for:
• Photographing and / or filming the item before delivering it to the Rnter. These photos must include a day and time record so we recommend that you use a mobile phone where this record is automatically encrypted in all the photographs.
• If the item has an essential function for its proper usage, you will have to film it working. Example: If it is a drone, film it flying. If it's a kitchen robot, film it working with the sound turned on. This way, even if there is no visible external damage, and the item stops working/gets damaged during the rental, you have evidence that it was working perfectly immediately before the rental.
• If your item is returned damaged or if it is not returned at all, you must inform us within 24 hours after the end of the rental.

See also Terms Of Service / FAQ